The Unveiling was the third in a series of fundraising events created to combine the visual and performing arts. During the days of European royalty operas and other musical and theatrical performances were staged in combination with exhibitions of paintings and sculpture. In San Diego Pandeli Lazaridi, director of the Small Opera of San Diego, together with Jenifer Broomberg, a fine artist, put together an opera performance in combination with an exhibit of Jenifer's paintings. Façade 2004, was a gala affair held at the estate of Ian Ashley and Dr. Brian Judelson. Over 300 people attended and it was a marvelous event.

Dennis Paul Batt, executive director of the Museum Artists Foundation, attended that event and together with fellow San Diego Visual Artists Guild (SDVAG) member Jenifer Broomberg, and Pandeli Lazaridi created Façade 2005. Over 600 people attended and thousands of dollars were raised for both the Opera and MAF. The response to this event was phenomenal. Comments such "party of the century", the best party I ever attended", and "the perfect party", reflected the joy and exhilaration that was electric throughout the entire evening.

Dennis and Jenifer bouyed by the success of Façade began to create a new event. A year later Jenifer brought in a new partner, DOCS (Doctors Offering Charitable Services) and Dennis asked Nasser and Zari Pirasteh to provide their home, which they designed, as the venue.

This Unveiling was held on May 19th, 2007. It was both a collaborative fundraiser between MAF and DOCS (Doctors Offering Charitable Services) and a showcase for the talents of the participating artists.

The event featured sculpture by Nasser Pirasteh as well as paintings by Jenifer Broomberg. Music was provided by world renowned keyboardist Yrsan Daro. The opera performance featured 2 highly talented singers: soprano Marina Martin and tenor Ernesto Pinamonte accompanied by Jennifer Heilig, violinist and Hyueen Ham, concert pianist. Following the opera Yrsan Daro and Jennifer Heilig improvised a concert to the delight of all the guests.

Catering was donated by several fine restaurants and chefs; Ruth Chris Steakhouse: Nef Hernandez, The Turquoise Café/Café Bar Europa: Basillio Cervaolo, Cookie Lady: Joan Kuebler, Fresh, Roppongi, & Sammy's Wood Fired Pizza: Sami Labeki.